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Andrew Jergens Foundation

Step 4: Create Your Philanthropic Mission Statement

Now that you’ve analyzed your current giving with your values, it’s time to create your mission statement. A mission statement will help you clarify your philanthropic goals and establish a giving roadmap. 

Tip: A mission statement should be an action statement about your philanthropic purpose. 

Before you begin: 

How is a Mission Statement Helpful?

Mission statements are very personal and are meant to reflect your values. A mission statement describes the difference you want to make in the world. 

A mission statement makes your charitable giving more effective, because you will:

  • Make a significant impact on things that matter most to you
  • Feel more connected to your charities of choice
  • Reduce waste by knowing in advance the causes and organizations you support. The junk mail and solicitors’ calls will dissipate.
  • Be comfortable saying NO to requests that don’t fit your plan.

Once your mission statement is created, you can develop a giving plan that reflects that mission.

  • Compare your giving history worksheet with your mission statement
  • Which gifts/organizations fit within your mission statement
  • Create a new giving plan based on your mission statement and the 50/30/20 rule.

If you are interested in exploring these tools with a staff member of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, contact a member of the Giving Strategies Team or call 513-241-2880.


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