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Research: The PULSE Report

The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation has become the region’s expert on the status of women’s economic self-sufficiency with the PULSE Studies. 

In 2003, more than 30 executives of nonprofit organizations in our region that serve women and girls expressed the need for good and relevant data on the status of women and girls in our area. Among the benefits would be increased awareness of issues affecting women and girls, more regional cooperation and more focused programs and services, and a stronger case for support of those programs and services.

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2017 - PULSE Report: Applying a Gender Lens to the Wage Gap [PDF]

The results show significant disparities in men’s and women’s wages, even when controlling for variables like education, hours worked, age, marital status, and the presence of children. The remaining disparity amounts to a significant unexplained difference in wages between men and women. Over time, this disparity in wages leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost, forcing women to either work longer or retire with less. For women of color, the disparities are even more profound. 

2017- PULSE Briefing: Unintended Consequences- Changing Workplace Policies to Support Low-Wage Employees [PDF]


In this PULSE Briefing we outline policies which may have unintended consequences for low-wage workers and explore possible solutions and examples of companies that have made changes to support their workforce. 


2016 - PULSE Briefing: Teachers’ Wages: Critical to Quality Preschool [PDF]

In this PULSE Briefing, we outline the many reasons why increased wages for childcare workers improves educational qualifications, improves staff stability and ultimately increases program quality.

2016 - PULSE Report: Outlining the Disincentives and Opportunity Costs for Working Mothers [PDF]

The Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati partnered with The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to explore disincentives to career advancement, educational investment, and increased hours worked caused by cliff effects and other socio-economics issues.

Download The Women's Fund's Summary with infographics [PDF]

Download the full report prepared by The Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati [PDF]

2016 - Cliff Effect Qualitative Insights [PDF] prepared by Design Impact

Design Impact, The Women’s Fund and CityLink spent six months moving through a rich research process exploring the lives of benefit recipients, the experiences of caseworkers, and the policies that surround public assistance in order to better understand the impact of the cliff effect.

2014 - PULSE Report: 2020 Jobs and Gender Outlook [PDF]

Video Introduction to the 2020 Jobs and Gender Outlook

Having trouble? View on Youtube.

This report highlights a common stumbling block to self-sufficiency that has been raised across the country — the proportion of women in low-wage jobs. Our intent with this report is to shine a light on the fact that, based on current trends, job growth in our region is not likely to result in uniform prosperity for both genders.

2012 - PULSE Briefing: Women, Poverty, and Cliffs [PDF]

This report is an analysis of one of the major hurdles women face on their climb up the self-sufficiency ladder - the Cliff Effect. The Cliff Effect is the paradox that as low-income families work harder and earn more, they can end up worse off financially.

2012 - PULSE Briefing: Poverty Indicator [PDF]

This report presents data from the 1-year American Community Survey for poverty in our region, with a particular focus on how women are impacted by poverty.

2010 - PULSE Briefing: Social Bonds Among Cincinnati-Area Girls [PDF]

In this PULSE update, we ask how do the bonds girls make with family, schools and peers affect their distress level and their engagement in ‘deviant’ behavior.

2009 - PULSE Briefing: Developing Girls’ & Women’s Leadership [PDF]

This report is an assessment of 48 existing Greater Cincinnati women/girl leadership programs to identify the scope, needs and gaps.

2007 - PULSE Briefing: Women in the C-Suite [PDF]

Leadership is the subject of this Pulse update, specifically how well women are represented among top leadership in our biggest corporations and professional practices.

2005 - PULSE Report: A Study on the Status of Women and Girls in Greater Cincinnati [PDF]

The Pulse Report was conducted in hopes of providing increased awareness of issues affecting women and girls, more regional cooperation and more focused programs and services, and a stronger case for support of those programs and services.


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