Engaging the NEXT Generation of Generosity

Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) serves as a driving force in the community to amplify voices with stories to tell. GCF can guide you as you forge your own path, or you can join with us to make a larger impact by combining individual steps into community strides. The GCF NEXT Fund engages, empowers and mobilizes future generations of generosity while helping young people build a relationship with GCF.

An Integrated Approach

GCF advocates for strategic investment in a more vibrant and equitable region. We define equity as fair and just inclusion that provides everyone an opportunity to reach their full potential. Moreover, we understand that the greatest impact comes when you treat the whole problem and the whole person. To do that, GCF NEXT partners with organizations approaching equity by addressing multiple, intersecting issues — meeting people where they are and seeing our neighbors as peers. We have created the “NEXT Up” event series to empower passionate young people, increase awareness of key issues facing our region and amplify the voices of smaller organizations tackling equity issues with holistic, well-integrated strategies.

Nonprofit organizations are nominated by the GCF NEXT Advisory Committee. GCF NEXT will offer an annual opportunity for YPs to support one of these organizations through a Giving Circle where contributing members will vote on which nonprofit’s mission speaks most to them.

How to Get Involved: 

  1. Attend Events: GCF convenes events throughout the year to engage individuals, partner with nonprofits and other YP groups and expand our network.
  2. Contribute to the Giving Circle: With a contribution of at least $50, make your voice heard as we support a local nonprofit doing inspiring work. Learn more about the GCF NEXT Giving Circle
  3. Join Advisory Committee: A group of engaged community members helps to steer the vision of GCF NEXT. Interest forms are accepted year-round and new members are onboarded every January.




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